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Transgenic Line

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CZ12 Transgenic ihb16Tg - Tg(-1.9mylpfa:EGFP) fast muscle cell specific EGFP
CZ13 Transgenic rj30Tg -  Tg(mpx:EGFP) myeloid-specific GFP;Blood; Blood island;anterior lateral mesoderm;anterior lateral plate mesoderm
CZ14 Transgenic rj6Tg -  Tg(gata1a:EGFP)  axial vasculature, blood cell, blood circulation
CZ15 Transgenic rj29Tg - Tg(-1.2ins:EGFP) endo-pancreas specific EGFP
CZ16 Transgenic gz15Tg -  Tg(ela3l:EGFP),
exocrine pancreas; hepatocyte; liver
CZ17 Transgenic ihb7Tg -  Tg(kop:Cre-UTR-nanos3,
PGC-specific Cre, ubiquitous GFP
CZ18 Transgenic ihb14Tg -  Tg1(kop:EGFP-UTR-nanos3) PGC-specific EGFP expression
CZ22 Transgenic ihb12Tg -  Tg(UAS:bbc3-UTR-nanos3,
CZ23 Transgenic ihb18Tg -  Tg(UAS:rac1a_G12V-UTR-nanos3,
CZ25 Transgenic ihb27Tg -  Tg(OTM:GFP) Optimal Tcf motif, TOP driving GFP expression, midbrain GFP
CZ26 Transgenic ihb17Tg -  Tg(-4.0tpma:EGFP) muscle cells 
CZ27 Transgenic gz14Tg -  Tg(krt4:LOXP-EGFP-LOXP-RFP),
epidermis RFP
CZ29 Transgenic w32Tg -  Tg(hsp70l:dkk1b-GFP) heat-shock-driven ubiquitous GFP
CZ30 Transgenic sqet37Et -  Et(krt4:EGFP) median fin fold decreased height
CZ31 Transgenic zf44Tg -  Tg(-1.0pomca:GFP)  pituitary
CZ32 Transgenic sqet4Et -  Et(krt4:EGFP) hair cell
CZ33 Transgenic ihb43Tg -  Tg(kop:LOXP-SV40-LOXP-mRFP
CZ35 Transgenic ihb11Tg - Tg(UAS:casp3a-UTR-nanos3,
CZ36 Transgenic ihb5Tg -  Tg(-2.5tshb:EGFP) pituitary/pineal/thyroid
CZ39 Transgenic ihb1Tg -  Tg(-1.0pomca:GFP)  anterior pituitary 
CZ40 Transgenic ihb6Tg -  Tg(zp3:fsta,myl7:EGFP) heart
CZ41 Transgenic s870Tg -  Tg(sox17:GFP) forerunner cell group,Kupffer vesicle cell,endodermal cell
CZ42 Transgenic pku1Et -  Et(gata2a:EGFP) anterior pituitary 
CZ44 Transgenic tsu068Gt nup107  Gt(bcl2a-EGFP) apoptotic process increased occurrence, eye decreased size, intestine decreased size
CZ45 Transgenic mp711a - cardiac cell
CZ46 Transgenic mp170d - heart
CZ47 Transgenic mp805a - Et(gata2a:EGFP) blood vessels
CZ48 Transgenic tsu086Gt grhl2b  Gt(bcl2a-EGFP) imbalanced swimming, otic vesicles
CZ49 Transgenic zf152Gt tpm4a  Gt(T2EGE) atrium,  cardiac ventricle, aortic archprimitive heart tube, 
CZ55 Transgenic y1Tg - Tg(fli1a:EGFP) myeloid cell, nucleate erythrocyte,blood vessel,intersegmental vessel,axial vasculature blood vessel endothelial cell, caudal vein plexus,cranial blood vessel
CZ56 Transgenic f1Tg - Tg(myl7:GFP) -
CZ58 Transgenic nz117Tg -  Tg(lyz:EGFP)  intestine leukocyte present in greater numbers in organism
CZ59 Transgenic nz50Tg - Tg(lyz:DsRed2) immune cell, macrophages, myelomonocytic cells
CZ60 Transgenic la2Tg -  Tg(-6.0itga2b:EGFP) platelet formation, thrombocyte, definitive hemopoiesis, hematopoietic stem cell
CZ61 Transgenic hkz04tTg -  Tg(coro1a:EGFP) Macrophages and Neutrophils
CZ62 Transgenic s843Tg -  Tg(kdrl:EGFP) heart;intersegmental vein;brain vasculature;central artery blood vessel endothelium
CZ63 Transgenic is5Tg -  Tg(kdrl:mCherry) blood vessel endothelial cell adherens junction, intersegmental vessel blood vessel endothelial cell
CZ64 Transgenic sd2Tg -  Tg(gata1a:DsRed)  axial vasculature, blood cell, blood circulation
CZ65 Transgenic zf411Tg -  Tg(rag2:DsRed) T cells, thymus
CZ68 Transgenic s854Tg -  Tg(Xla.Eef1a1:GFP) digestive system
CZ69 Transgenic s903Tg -  Tg(sox17:DsRed) forerunner cell group,Kupffer vesicle cell,endodermal cell
CZ70 Transgenic la4Tg -  Tg(kdrl:RFP) blood vessel endothelial cell adherens junction, intersegmental vessel blood vessel endothelial cell
CZ71 Transgenic zdf8Tg -  Tg(rag2:GFP) T cells, thymus
CZ72 Transgenic jh2Tg - Tg(ins:mCherry) endocrine pancreas
CZ74 Transgenic cz2Tg -  Tg(lck:lck-EGFP) T cells, thymus
CZ75 Transgenic Tg(VHL:cmlc-gfp) - Tg(VHL:cmlc-gfp) cardiac cell
CZ76 Transgenic um13Tg -  Tg(fli1a.ep:DsRedEx) endothelial, blood vessels
CZ77 Transgenic Tg(atoh7:Gal4); Tg(UAS:mcherry) - Tg(atoh7:Gal4);
retinal ganglion cells
CZ78 Transgenic cf2Tg -  Tg(elavl3:YC2) neurons, retina
CZ79 Transgenic ml3Tg -  Tg(mnx1:mGFP) Primary motor axons, motoneurons
CZ80 Transgenic ihb28Tg -  Tg(BMPRE:GFP) -
CZ81 Transgenic rw0Tg -  Tg(isl1:GFP) cranial motor neuron
CZ82 Transgenic zf147Tg -  Tg(apoeb:LY-EGFP) Neuronal
CZ83 Transgenic Tg(Pu.1-gal4-vp16-usa-gfp) - Tg(Pu.1-gal4-vp16
ventral mesoderm
CZ85 Transgenic ihb198Tg -  Tg(fabp10a:Hsa.NRAS_Q61K) -
CZ86 Transgenic kca66Tg -  Tg(h2afva:h2afva-GFP) neuromast primordium migration, posterior lateral line nerve development
CZ87 Transgenic mik6Tg -  Tg(hsp70l:GFP) ubiquitous EGFP expression, Heat shock
CZ88 Transgenic kca4Tg -  Tg(-1.5hsp70l:GAL4) -
CZ89 Transgenic rk8Tg -  Tg(UAS:Kaede) photoconversion to red by violet or UV light, The tracking of cell fate, shape and migration
CZ98 Transgenic ihb20Tg - Tg2(mpeg1:EGFP) -
CZ99 Transgenic ihb21Tg -  Tg2(mpeg1:mCherry) -
CZ100 Transgenic rw0405bTg -  Tg4(Xla.Eef1a1:mKOFP2-cdt1) -
CZ101 Transgenic rw0410hTg -  Tg100(Xla.Eef1a1:mAGFP-gmnn) -
CZ102 Transgenic gd2Gt jag1b Gt2(bcl2a-EGFP) the otic vesicle
CZ103 Transgenic zf256Tg - Tg(-1.7apoa2:GFP)  liver progenitor cells,hepatocyte
CZ104 Transgenic ihb50Tg -  Tg(Eco.Tshb:EGFP) the pronephric neck and tubule
CZ109 Transgenic s356tTg - Tg(pou4f3:mGFP) sensory hair cells
CZ112 Transgenic zf3031Tg - Tg2(mnx1:mCherry) motor neurons
CZ130 Transgenic ihb37Tg -  Tg(kop:KALTA4-UTR-nanos1) -
CZ133 Transgenic ihb23Tg -  Tg(CMV:Cel.Fat2,
embryo body;Ubiquitously expressed mCherry and delta-12 desaturase of C
CZ150 Transgenic ck2Tg - Tg(eef1a1l1:Kaede)  Brain,hatching gland
CZ151 Transgenic jt0012Tg -  Tg(ompb:tau-EGFP) Olfactory bulb, Olfactory placode
CZ152 Transgenic Tg(hsp:vegf166);Tg(kdrl:GFP) - Tg(hsp:vegf165);
caudal vein, vascular system, anastomotic vessel 
CZ153 Transgenic ck1Tg -  Tg(mbp:EGFP) myelinating glia, central nervous system
CZ154 Transgenic vu19Tg -  Tg(olig2:DsRed2) Oligodendrocyte, motor neuron
CZ155 Transgenic Tg(fbp1:GAL4-VP16;UAS:RFP) - Tg(fbp1:GAL4-VP16;UAS:RFP) -
CZ156 Transgenic ba2Tg -  Tg(-4.9sox10:EGFP) premigratory and migrating neural crest cells, jaw cartilage
CZ157 Transgenic Tg(UAS:RFP) -  Tg(UAS:RFP) -
CZ158 Transgenic ck3Tg -  Tg(-2.2col10a1a:GFP) Bone, chondrocytes, osteoblasts
CZ159 Transgenic Tg(mbp:mGFP) - Tg(mbp:mGFP) myelinating glia
CZ160 Transgenic knu3Tg -  Tg(elavl3:EGFP) neurons, nervous system
CZ161 Transgenic nkuasgfp1aTg; nns6Tg -  Tg(5xUAS:EGFP),
eye, neurons
CZ162 Transgenic Tg(ift46:GAL4-VP16;UAS:nfsB-mCherry) - Tg(ift46:GAL4-VP16;
eye, pronephric duct, spinal cord ,etc
CZ163 Transgenic  rw0144Tg -  Tg(UAS:Eco.NfsB-mCherry) -
CZ219 Transgenic zju5Tg - Tg(d113p53:EGFP) embryo body;GFP expression in the transgenic fish recapitulates the endogenous d113p53 expression, which normally keeps at a very low level in the embryo body
CZ222 Transgenic cms1Tg - Tg(Xla.Eef1a1:mlsEGFP) mitochondrial morphology;mitochondria
CZ223 Transgenic cms2Tg - TgBAC(cyp1a:NLS-EGFP) the skin,otic vesicle,liver
CZ224 Transgenic nju1Tg - Tg(cyp26a1:EYFP) retina,olfactory vesicle, anterior dorsal spinal cord,proctodeum,caudal notochord,pharyngeal arches
CZ225 Transgenic ihb71Tg - Tg(CMV:fundc2-SV40) -
CZ231 Transgenic ihb147Tg - Tg(tg:mCherry) -
CZ233 Transgenic ihb113Tg - Tg(UAS:mCherry-Ocu.UTRHbb2) -
CZ234 Transgenic ihb114Tg - Tg(actb1:Spy.Cas9-UTRactb1) -
CZ235 Transgenic ihb115Tg - Tg(UAS:Spy.Cas9-UTRnanos3) -
CZ238 Transgenic ihb119Tg -  Tg(UAS:d2EGFP-UTRnanos3) ;
CZ239 Transgenic ihb124Tg - Tg(UAS:bmp2b-UTRnanos3) -
CZ240 Transgenic ihb125Tg - Tg(UAS:Ssc.caGhr-UTRnanos3) -
CZ241 Transgenic ihb126Tg - Tg(UAS:dkk1b-UTRnanos3) -
CZ242 Transgenic ihb127Tg - Tg(UAS:dnbmpr1aa-UTRnanos3)  -
CZ243 Transgenic ihb128Tg - Tg(UAS:dnghra-UTRnanos3) -
CZ244 Transgenic ihb129Tg - Tg(UAS:fgf8a-UTRnanos3)  -
CZ245 Transgenic ihb130Tg - Tg(UAS:lft1-UTRnanos3) -
CZ246 Transgenic ihb131Tg - Tg(UAS:ndr1-UTRnanos3) -
CZ247 Transgenic ihb132Tg - Tg(UAS:spry2-UTRnanos3) -
CZ248 Transgenic ihb133Tg - Tg(UAS:wnt8a-UTRnanos3)  -
CZ249 Transgenic ihb120Tg - Tg(UAS:buc-UTRnanos3) -
CZ250 Transgenic gz33Tg - Tg(Ola.Cyp1a:GFP) -
CZ251 Transgenic gz32Tg -  Tg(fabp10a:RTTA);
CZ253 Transgenic c353Tg - Tg(4xnrUAS:GFP) -
CZ258 Transgenic gd5Gt - Gt(vclb:vclb-EGFP) somite
CZ259 Transgenic ml1Tg - Tg(-1.8gsc:GFP) embryonic shield
CZ260 Transgenic  i187Tg - Tg2(smyhc1:EGFP)  skeletal muscle fibre
CZ261 Transgenic ioz4Tg - Tg(tg:EGFP) thyroid primordium
CZ273 Transgenic zf169Tg - TgPAC(myb:2xmyb-EGFP) hematopoietic stem cells
CZ286 Transgenic gd14Tg - Tg(zp3b:zar1,
oocytes, heart;zar1 expression in oocytes and GFP expressed in heart
CZ289 Transgenic cy25Tg - Tg(Ola.Sp7:nlsGFP) cleithrum,opercle,fin
CZ320 Transgenic ihb175Tg - Tg(-1.7apoa2:GFP)  hepatoblasts, liver progenitor cells
CZ321 Transgenic ihb176Tg - Tg(-1.7apoa2:RFP) hepatoblasts, liver progenitor cells
CZ322 Transgenic ihb177Tg - Tg(-1.7apoa2:apo-GFP) vessel
CZ323 Transgenic ihb178Tg - Tg(-1.7-apoa2:apo-RFP) vessel
CZ324 Transgenic ihb150Tg - Tg(kop:KALTA4-UTRnanos3,
CZ325 Transgenic ihb151Tg - Tg(kop:KALTA4-UTR-nanos3,
CZ326 Transgenic ihb179Tg - Tg(hsp70l:jundn-mCherry)  mCherry, jundn,hsp7--l (hsp7-l) promoter
CZ327 Transgenic ihb180Tg - Tg(hsp70l:creb1a
mCherry, creb1a,hsp7--l (hsp7-l) promoter
CZ335 Transgenic Tg(hsp:vegf165) - Tg(hsp:vegf165) -
CZ336 Transgenic  ip1Tg - Tg(ifnphi1:mCherry) -
CZ347 Transgenic sqet10Et - Et(krt4:EGFP) -
CZ348 Transgenic tsu13Tg - Tg1(cldnb:EGFP) -
CZ349 Transgenic pd1Tg  - Tg(hsp70l:dnfgfr1a-EGFP) -
CZ351 Transgenic fb14Tg - Tg(hsp70l:dnMmu.Maml1
heat-shock-driven ubiquitous GFP
CZ352 Transgenic kca3Tg - Tg(5xUAS-E1B:6xMYC-notch1a) UAS line
CZ353 Transgenic nns8Tg - Tg(atoh1a:dTomato) cerebellum
CZ354 Transgenic nl1Tg - TgBAC(neurod1:EGFP) lateral line nerve cells
CZ355 Transgenic um14Tg - Tg(EPV.Tp1-Mmu.Hbb:EGFP) Notch-responsive tissues such as the developing CNS, vasculature, liver, intestine and pancreas.
CZ400 Transgenic gd15Gt stk11 Gt2(bcl2a-EGFP) -
CZ413 Transgenic tsu33Tg - Tg1(elavl3:YFP) neurons
CZ415 Transgenic tsu24Tg - Tg(crybb1:CFP)  eye lens
CZ417 Transgenic ihb304Tg - Tg(gad1b:mCherry) olfactory pit, optic tectum, medulla oblong, eye, spinal cord
CZ430 Transgenic sdu30Tg - Tg(zp3:zCas9) -
CZ1229 Transgenic ihb327Tg - Tg(piwil1:EGFP-UTRnanos3)  primordial germ cells
CZ1246 Transgenic ioz15Tg - Tg(-5.5nkx2.3:mCherry) pharyngeal poucheson
CZ1247 Transgenic ioz16Tg - Tg(-5.5nkx2.3:EGFP-CAAX) pharyngeal ectoderm
CZ1248 Transgenic ioz17Tg - Tg(-5.5nkx2.3:EosFP) pharyngeal poucheson
CZ1249 Transgenic f2Tg -  Tg(-5.1myl7:DsRed2-NLS) heart
CZ1250 Transgenic ioz19Tg - Tg(-5.5nkx2.3:KALTA4-mCherry) pharyngeal poucheson
CZ1251 Transgenic fb7Tg - TgBAC(-36nkx2.5:ZsYellow) cardiac mesoderm and heart
CZ1254 Transgenic ihb450Tg - Tg(Cca.Actb:cyp51-GFP) -
CZ1276 Transgenic ihb367Tg - Tg(Cca.Actb:abcc4-FLAG) -
CZ1282 Transgenic ihb371Tg - Tg(βactin:GCaMP6s) ubiquitous expression of calcium indicator GCaMP6s
CZ1284 Transgenic Tg(CMV:PssHsp90; CMV:eGFP) - Tg(CMV:PssHsp90;
CZ1285 Transgenic Tg(CMV:PssFmo3a; CMV:eGFP) - Tg(CMV:PssFmo3a;
CZ1291 Transgenic - Tg(myl7:zCreERT2-T2A-ECFP) -
CZ1355 Transgenic Tg(rag2:AURKB; rag2:mCherry) - Tg(rag2:AURKB;
CZ1368 Transgenic ihb530Tg - Tg (CMV:CmaHep-eGFP) -
CZ1369 Transgenic ihb427Tg - Tg(Cca.Actb:cyp51-GFP)  -
CZ1378 Transgenic sqet20Et - Et(krt4:EGFP) the mantle cell and lateral line of the neuromast
CZ1379 Transgenic sqet4Et;sqet20Et - Et(krt4:EGFP) hair cellsmantle cell and lateral line of the neuromast
CZ1380 Transgenic zf106Tg - Tg(-8.0cldnb:LY-EGFP) -
CZ1418 Transgenic tsu30Tg - Tg(eef1a1l1:GFP-caeif4ebp1) Central Nervous System
CZ1419 Transgenic Tg(vasa:GFP) - Tg(vasa:GFP) -
CZ1429 Transgenic nju906Tg -  Tg(Xla.Eef1a1l:Hsa.CCDC40
CZ1447 Transgenic  ihb491 - Tg(zp3: Hym.zp2-2A-GFP) -
CZ1490 Transgenic ioz1Tg - Tg(Mmu.Runx1:GFP) potential HSPCs
CZ1507 Transgenic sdu34Tg - Tg(cryaa:rbm24a_delRRM-GFP) eyes
CZ1508 Transgenic sdu36Tg - Tg(cryaa:GFP) eyes
CZ1535 Transgenic zf3097Tg Tg(ET33J1:EGFP) intrahepatic lumen
CZ1582 Transgenic s957Tg - Tg(myh7:mCherry-Eco.NfsB)  -

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