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cloche mutant affects both the endothelial andhematopoietic lineages at a very early stage. The endocardium,the endothelial lining of the heart, is missing inmutant embryos. The myocardial cells form a tube that isdemarcated into chambers, beats rhythmically, butexhibits a reduced contractility. of the endothelialand blood lineages, possibly by affecting a common progenitorcell population. CZ57
pCS2(sp6:nanos3-UTRsv40) iPGC CZP57
pCS2(sp6:piwil1-UTRsv40) iPGC CZP58
pCS2(sp6:tdrd7a-UTRsv40) iPGC CZP59
With the line, it is possible toidentify thrombocytes, thrombocyte precursors,and, possibly, early hematopoieticstem cells in zebrafish embryos andtrack their proliferation and maturation. CZ60
GFP in the transgenic line marks both macrophagesand neutrophils.  CZ61
Endothelial tubulogenesis is a crucial step in the formation of functional blood vessels during angiogenesis and vasculogenesis. The transgenic line is a in-vivo model to define a novel cord hollowing process that occurs during the initial stages of tubulogenesis in intersegmental vessels (ISVs) in the embryo.mCherry-b-Actin fusion proteins specifically in endothelial cells using the kdrl promoter. In polarized epithelial and endothelial cells, Actin is enriched at both the apical membrane and adherens junctions. Similar patterns of localization for mCherry-b-Actin fusion proteins were observed in epithelial cells in the zebrafish otic vesicle. Additionally, mCherry-b-Actin localized to putative Actin filaments in the periderm. CZ63
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