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  • 基准单价:
    营利性:¥2600(Adults)/Unit  ¥1600(Embryos)/Unit  ¥6000(Frozen sperm)/Unit  
    非营利性:¥1300(Adults)/Unit  ¥800(Embryos)/Unit  ¥3000(Frozen sperm)/Unit  
  • 友情提示:为保证传代质量,野生型种鱼不支持少量订购,10对起订
  • 特别提醒:“Availability”(品系提供方式)为“Frozen Sperm”的品系仅提供由冻存精子复苏的胚胎,不支持Adult/Embryos购买,下单时请务必选择Frozen Sperm,以免订单无效,耽误您的时间。
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CZRC Catalog ID: CZ150
Availability: Embryos/Adults
Genotype: ck2Tg/+(AB)
Genotyping: unspecified
Genomic Feature Zygosity Parental Genotype Lab of Origin Construct
ck2Tg heterozygous Kim Lab  Tg(eef1a1l1:Kaede)
Tg(eef1a1l1:Kaede)ck2 Kaede is a fluorescent protein from the stony coral Trachyphyllia geoffroyi. The protein emits bright green fluorescence after synthesis, but changes efficiently to a bright and stable red fluorescence on irradiation with UV or violet light. Useful for optical cell labeling.
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