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CZRZ Catalog ID: CZ24
Genotype: lhx1aihb25/+
Affected Gene: lhx1(alim1, lim1a, wu:fe25d04, wu:fj36b06)
Genotyping: pdf
Genomic Feature Construct Lab of Origin Zygosity Parental Genotype
ihb25 Fish Developmental Biotechnology Lab heterozygous
133 bp to 136 bp of the wildtype lhx1a coding sequence, CGAG, is mutated into GTT. The mutated lhx1a codes for a protein containing 85 aa, in which only the sequence of the first 44 aa is identical to wildtype Lhx1a. The homozygous mutants die in the larvae stage.  Further MTA needed from the Fish Developmental Biotechnology Lab.
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