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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
gz15Tg/+(AB) Tg(fabp10a:dsRed;ela3l:EGFP) gz15Tg exocrine pancreas; hepatocyte; liverco-expression of RFP in the liver and GFP in the exocrine pancreas pdf Transgenic Line CZ16 Embryos/Adults
(NRAS, HRAS, KRAS) - Antibodies-list1 MA16 -
(VDAC-1,hVDAC1) - Antibodies-list2 PA16 -
- Plasmids CZP16 -
ihb7Tg/+(AB) Tg(kop:Cre-UTR-nanos3,CMV:EGFP) ihb7Tg PGC-specific CrePGC-specific CrePGC-specific CrePGC-specific Cre pdf Transgenic Line CZ17 Embryos/Adults
(CREB-1, cAMP-responsive element-binding protein 1) - Antibodies-list1 MA17 -
(ACTC1) - Antibodies-list2 PA17 -
ihb14Tg/+(AB) Tg1(kop:EGFP-UTR-nanos3) ihb14Tg PGC-specific EGFP expressionPGC-specific EGFP expressionPGC-specific EGFP doc Transgenic Line CZ18 Embryos/Adults
(V-CAM 1, VCAM-1) - Antibodies-list1 MA18 -
(CTNB1) - Antibodies-list2 PA18 -
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