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 (特别提醒:“Availability”值为“Frozen Sperm”的只能提供FrozenSperm不能提供Adult或Embryos,请您在此类品系选择类型/单位时,务必只选择“Embryos Shipped from Sperm (30 or more)”。)
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[previous names]
Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
Tg(VHL:cmlc-gfp)(AB) pdf Transgenic Line CZ75 Embryos/Adults
um13Tg/+(AB) Tg(fli1a.ep:DsRedEx) Tg(fli1a.ep:DsRedEx)um13 endothelial, blood vessels - Transgenic Line CZ76 Frozen sperm
Tg(atoh7:Gal4;UAS:mcherry)(-) Tg(atoh7:Gal4;UAS:mcherry) retinal ganglion cellsretinal inner, nuclear layer cell - Transgenic Line CZ77 Frozen sperm
cf2Tg/+(AB) Tg(elavl3:YC2) Tg(elavl3:YC2)cf2/+ neurons, retinaspinal cord - Transgenic Line CZ78 Frozen sperm
zf147Tg/+(AB) Tg(apoeb:lynEGFP) Tg(apoeb:lynEGFP)zf147/+ Neuronal - Transgenic Line CZ82 Frozen sperm
ihb20Tg/+(AB) Tg2(mpeg1:EGFP) Tg2(mpeg1:EGFP) macrophage-specific GFP expression - Transgenic Line CZ98 Embryos/Adults
zf256Tg/+(AB) Tg(-1.7apoa2:GFP) Tg(-1.7apoa2:GFP) EGFP expressed from hepatoblasts and liver progenitor cells in liver primordium to hepatocyte pdf Transgenic Line CZ103 Frozen sperm
ihb50Tg/+(AB) Tg(Eco.Tshb:EGFP) Tg(Eco.Tshb:EGFP) the pronephric neck and tubule pdf Transgenic Line CZ104 Frozen sperm
ihb23Tg/+(AB) Tg(CMV:Cel.Fat2,CMV:mCherry) Tg(CMV:Cel.Fat2,CMV:mCherry) ubiquitously expressed mCherry and delta-12 desaturase of C.elegans pdf Transgenic Line CZ133 Frozen sperm
ck2Tg/+(AB)(AB)  Tg(eef1a1l1:Kaede) Brain,hatching glandBrain, central nervous system, eye, hatching gland - Transgenic Line CZ150 Embryos/Adults
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