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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
nhsaihb89/+(TU) nhsa  pdf Mutant Line CZ212 Frozen sperm
nlgn2aihb90/+(TU) nlgn2a (nlgn2b, nlgn2bl) pdf Mutant Line CZ213 Frozen sperm
nlgn2aihb91/+(TU) nlgn2a (nlgn2b, nlgn2bl) pdf Mutant Line CZ214 Frozen sperm
nlgn2aihb92/+(TU) nlgn2a (nlgn2b, nlgn2bl) pdf Mutant Line CZ215 Frozen sperm
ndel1aihb94/+(TU) ndel1a pdf Mutant Line CZ216 Frozen sperm
ndel1aihb95/+(TU) ndel1a pdf Mutant Line CZ217 Frozen sperm
ndel1aihb96/+(TU) ndel1a pdf Mutant Line CZ218 Frozen sperm
zju5Tg/+(AB) Tg(d113p53:EGFP) zju5Tg embryo bodystrongly upregulated by DNA damage signals in the embryo body pdf Transgenic Line CZ219 Frozen sperm
cms1Tg/+(AB) Tg(Xla.Eef1a1:mlsEGFP) cms1Tg[Tg(XlEef1a1:mlsEGFP)zf130 ] mitochondrial morphologyMitochondria - Transgenic Line CZ222 Embryos/Adults
cms2Tg/+(AB) TgBAC(cyp1a:NLS-EGFP) cms2Tg in the skin, eye, otic vesicle, cloaca and pectoral fin bud, which almost parallels endogenous expression pattern of cyp1a - Transgenic Line CZ223 Embryos/Adults
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