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grhl2btsu086Gt/+(AB) Gt(bcl2-EGFP) grhl2b imbalanced swimming, otic vesiclesarbitrary spikes or even discontinuous canals, larger otocysts, thinner otic epithelia and smaller or eliminated otoliths - Transgenic CZ48 Embryos/Adults
eomesafh105/+(AB) eomesa (eom, eom-a, eomes, eomes1, tbr2a, tbr2) pdf Mutant CZ52 Embryos/Adults
closm0/+(AB) clo  - Mutant CZ57 Frozen sperm
la2Tg/+(AB) Tg(-6.0itga2b:EGFP) la2Tg/+ platelet formation, thrombocyte, definitive hemopoiesis, hematopoietic stem cell, pdf Transgenic CZ60 Embryos/Adults
hkz04tTg/+(AB) Tg(coro1a:EGFP) hkz04tTg Macrophages and Neutrophilsmyeloid cells pdf Transgenic CZ61 Embryos/Adults
s843Tg/+(AB) Tg(kdrl:EGFP)[Tg(flk1:EGFP), Tg(kdr:EGFP)] s843Tg[Tg(flk1:EGFP), Tg(kdr:EGFP) , Tg(kdr:EGFP)s843] heart;intersegmental vein;brain vasculature;central artery blood vessel endothelium pdf Transgenic CZ62 Embryos/Adults
is5Tg/+(AB) Tg(kdrl:mCherry) is5Tg[Tg(flk1:mCherry)] blood vessel endothelial cell adherens junction, intersegmental vessel blood vessel endothelial cell, pdf Transgenic CZ63 Embryos/Adults
zf411Tg/+(AB) Tg(rag2:DsRed) zf411Tg[Tg(rag2:DsRed)zf411/+] T cells, thymus pdf Transgenic CZ65 Embryos/Adults
csf1raj4e1/j4e1(AB) csf1ra (c-fms, csf1r, fms, panther) pdf Mutant CZ66 Embryos/Adults
s903Tg/+(AB) Tg(sox17:DsRed) s903Tg[Tg(sox17:DsRed)s903/+] pdf Transgenic CZ69 Frozen sperm
mitfaw2/w2;roya9/a9(AB) [casper] mitfa (Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1); roy  casper, pigment, lack of all melanocytes and iridophores in both embryogenesis and adulthood pdf Mutant CZ73 Embryos/Adults
Tg(atoh7:Gal4); Tg(UAS:mcherry)(-) Tg(atoh7:Gal4); Tg(UAS:mcherry) retinal ganglion cellsretinal inner, nuclear layer cell pdf Transgenic CZ77 Frozen sperm
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